Our travelogue so far

It's been an eventful, rewarding year. In April we travelled to In-cosmetics, navigating the latest trend based formulations and showcasing our recently advanced product portfolio.

Demonstrations of our Innovative Textures took centre stage and inspired visitors to go and get creative with their formulating, bringing scope for new projects.

Our next stop was in New York for Suppliers' Day where we showcased more of our impressive range of new formulations and the possible trends they fit into.

Formulation Preview

Excited by all the recent interest shown in our formulations, we want to share some more details on what our experienced scientists have been working on. We have several new formulations all ready for you to download today.

Let's Go

About Us

Innospec is a global business with over 1700 employees and a worldwide network of manufacturing and testing facilities. Our scientists are all highly experienced. We speak your language and understand what you are trying to achieve. Work with us one-to-one and we'll get you where you want to go.

If you have a specific formulation in mind and would like to discuss a new concept with our scientists, please contact us. Our insights turn ideas into reality.